Drake doesn’t have his own streetwear brand

per se, but he does have an official line of merchandise under his label October’s Very Own (OVO).

OVO releases clothing and accessories

the OVO owl logo, designs referencing Drake Merch music and collaborations with other brands like Nike and Chrome Hearts. You can find these on the official OVO webstore [octobers very own clothing].

Who Owns Drake

Drake (the musician) isn’t owned by anyone. He’s an independent artist who controls his own music (owns his masters). This was a big deal early in his career [reference drake owns his masters].

He does have his own businesses though, including the OVO clothing line you asked about earlier. He co-founded that brand but isn’t technically owned by it.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Drake Merch Hoodie

There isn’t a specific Drake merch hoodie but there are various hoodies available through his official OVO clothing line [octobers very own clothing]. These hoodies typically feature the OVO owl logo or designs referencing Drake’s music.pen_spark

Image of October Very Own Drake Hoodie

Drake Merch T-Shirts

There are a couple of places you can look for Drake merch t-shirts:

  • Official OVO Merch Store: This is the official place to find Drake-related apparel, including t-shirts featuring the OVO owl logo, designs referencing his albums, and collaborations with other brands.pen_spark
    Image of October Very Own Drake TShirt

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